Canteens in companies - not only do many employees regularly come together here - it is also a matter of cooking and hygienic food processing.

A place where effective health protection plays a rather significant role.

With the antibacterial, -viral and fungicidal HECOSOL-TITANO® coating, the neuralgic areas of the canteens can be coated effectively and with a long-lasting effect. The best way to preventively protect employees from excessive germ contamination on surfaces.


Rooms of encounters - places of multiplication of pathogens! Long discussions, concentration on the task - lead quite automatically and unconsciously to contacts with different surfaces and subsequently to frequent touching of the face.

This is where pathogens find their way directly into the body. Hand-to-mouth is still the most common route of infection. As a measure to promote health in the workplace, it is important to ensure the highest level of health protection in all rooms with high employee frequency. With the HECOSOL-TITANO® coating, this is not only possible over a long period of time, but also at significantly reduced costs compared to the usual hygiene measures. Effective for up to one year and longer, depending on the frequency and use of the premises.

Effectively protect visitors and employees from infection at trade fairs and exhibitions!

The essence of a successful exhibition is the exchange between visitors and suppliers as well as touching and testing the products. Of course, it is necessary to protect visitors as well as staff from contaminated surfaces caused by viruses and bacteria. Constant disinfection of the relevant surfaces is neither practical nor affordable. With HECOSOL-TITANO® technology, ensuring clean surfaces is both efficient and cost-saving.

The surfaces are coated with an antibacterial and antiviral agent, which reliably keeps the germ load of the surfaces below the risk of infection. Infection with corona or flu viruses is neither good for sales nor good for the image.