Partner for long-lasting protection.

Research and development for long-lasting protection against pathogens such as bacteria, mould and viruses.

HECOSOL®, based in Bamberg (Bavaria, Germany), is a company focused on revolutionising surface hygiene.

Supported by Bayern innovativ and the state government, new antimicrobial substances are searched for and developed for long-lasting germ reduction.

HECOSOL® offers a comprehensive concept to improve surface hygiene and protect your health.



  • Founded in 2016 in Bamberg by Dr. Ralph Brückner and Dr. Andreas Lindner
  • Solution-oriented development and effective implementation
  • Innovative solution for surface and indoor air hygiene problems through a unique product and a sustainable process (360° Solution).
  • Innovative strength recognised and promoted at an early stage: Innovation grant from the Free State of Bavaria and SME. During the funding period, it was possible to build up a network of industrial and research companies that are already performing research in antimicrobial surfaces or plan to do so in the future. This resulted in a project outline for ProMat SME funding, which was submitted by 15 April 2019.

Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Gottwald

Managing Director

Dr. Andreas Lindner

Managing Director

Dr. Ralph Brückner

Hygiene counselling & Business development