Face-to-face events are situations with a particularly high risk of infection not only in times of epidemics and pandemics, but also during the annual flu waves.

It is irrelevant whether the disease is transmitted by aerosols or contact with contaminated surfaces. The result is always the risk of infection and disease. An effective preventive protection is offered by coating the surfaces with HECOSOL- TiTANO®. The contamination of the surfaces with germs is significantly and sustainably reduced so that the germ load is kept below the relevant level.

Gyms are primarily for health promotion/maintenance and should not be a place where sports enthusiasts infect themselves with germs!

Disinfecting every device conventionally every day - not a practicable and economical solution!

With the HECOSOL-TiTANO® coating, this problem can be solved effectively, efficiently and cost-savingly. The relevant equipment as well as the surfaces that are frequently touched are coated and offer long-lasting protection of up to one year and longer. Pathogens that come into contact with these surfaces are eliminated. Re-germination of individual pathogens is prevented. Relevant contamination of surfaces is thus practically impossible, as pathogens are kept below the level relevant for infection.


Attendance figures of up to 70,000 spectators in the stadium - an almost impossible situation to reliably protect visitors from infection with pathogens.

Here, concepts are needed that start with preventive measures by coating all surfaces to give pathogens no chance and to keep the germ load below the critical level for infection.

HECOSOL-TiTANO® is a proven technology that makes this possible in a cost-saving and efficient way!