Despite extensive experience from the Corona pandemic, schools are still places with a very high risk of infection.

Masks, ventilation filters and distance rules are not sufficient to significantly minimize the risk of infection. The problem is clearly the surfaces touched and contaminated by students and teachers.

This is where HECOSOL- TITANO® technology comes in and creates reliable protection against infection with pathogens through a long-lasting coating of the surfaces. This is an effective and reliable measure for maintaining classroom presence.


For passengers, public transport means contact with a large number of fellow travellers in stations, corridors, trains and buses in a very confined space.

Surfaces that are very often touched by countless people. Especially in the municipal sector, public transport is almost without alternative for most working people. To get passengers safely from A to B, the HECOSOL-TITANO® innovation is the solution. Personal protection can be guaranteed in a resource-saving way. With the antibacterial, -viral and fungicidal coating, a long-lasting protection against infection of up to one year and longer* can be produced. *Depending on wear and tear of the surfaces

The fire fighters, police, ambulances and paramedics are the most important helpers in emergency situations - and they should be protected, too.

With the HECOSOL-TITANO® antibacterial, -viral and fungicidal coating, our helpers as well as patients can be effectively protected. All surfaces are coated to minimise the risk of infection with pathogens. With a protective effect of up to one year and longer*, the HECOSOL-TiTANO® coating prevents the multiplication of germs especially where normal cleaning / disinfection cannot reach (in the cracks, crevices, corners). A solution that relieves staff and also brings significant added value in economic terms. *Depending on the wear of the surfaces

Cultural events with an enthusiastic audience - many people come together, touch and contaminate the same surfaces with countless pathogens!

The pragmatic solution to the challenge of a functioning hygiene concept is the innovative HECOSOL-TITANO® technology. Highly frequented surfaces are coated with a long-lasting antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal coating, providing effective protection against infection. With an effect of up to one year and longer, depending on the frequency of contact, HECOSOL-TITANO® technology is extremely efficient, not only in terms of the risk of infection, but also financially and in terms of personnel.