HECOSOL® Products

TiOSEPT® is a transparent liquid glass sealant, antimicrobial and easy to clean.

TiOSEPT® can be applied to glass, stainless steel, aluminum, and treated wood. Surfaces treated in this way become smoother and thus less susceptible to the growth of mold, yeasts and bacteria. When these germs and viruses encounter a surface protected with TiOSEPT®, they are eliminated by up to 99.99% within 24 hours.

TiOSEPT® thus creates excellent approaches for perfect surface hygiene of "high-touch surfaces" in the healthcare sector! The right way to significantly reduce environmentally harmful disinfectants and cut costs.


Generally, surfaces sealed with TiOSEPT® can be kept clean and odorless more easily and quickly and without additional cleaning agents (easy to clean), both indoors and outdoors.

This applies to windows, vehicles, toilets, door handles, elevator buttons, ATMs, offices, restaurants and much more.

TiOSEPT® Technology & Properties

  • Protection up to 18 months
  • works independent of climate and light
  • Tested by neutral testing institutes
  • Transparent and invisible
  • has a strong (hydrophobic) water-repellent effect
  • Abrasion resistant (increased scratch resistance)
  • Easy and quick application
  • Surface hardness on glass 9H (TÜV test according to MSZ EN ISO 15184:2013)
  • Scratch hardness on glass 10N (TÜV test according to MSZ 9640/41:1983)
  • Contact angle 95° on glass and 91° on stainless steel, after 10,000 cleaning cycles 92° + 85° (tested by TÜV with water)
  • Layer thickness approx. 20 nm (nanometer)

HECOSOL-TiTANO® spraying solution for small and large areas from 300 m2 upwards


In order to reliably and effectively seal surfaces of all kinds of materials (leather, glass, plastics, metal, textiles, etc.) and geometries (e.g. keyboards, tables, chairs) in a gentle manner, TITANO® is applied as a very fine mist using a precisely defined process to achieve homogeneous surface coverage.

The coating is applied using a special electrostatic process. Thanks to this special technique, the coating can also be applied to hard-to-reach areas such as a keyboard. The tiny droplets of 2 to 20 µm, which are invisible to the naked eye, are absorbed into the surface and form an abrasion-resistant, transparent and odorless coating.

The coating is compatible with most materials, such as glass, stainless steel, wood, stone and leather. This means that HECOSOL-TITANO® can be applied to walls and furnishings (such as desks, seating) as well as air conditioning systems in existing facilities.

The coating acts independently of external factors such as light and climate. In addition, HECOSOL-TiTANO® adsorbs volatile organic compounds (VOCs, acetone, formaldehyde) and thus actively helps to improve the indoor climate.

1 liter is sufficient for approx. 300 m2 and is applied professionally in the commercial sector using the electrostatic spraying method.