In close cooperation with Lufthansa Technik, Hecosol developed TiTANO-Air® for the aviation industry.

The result was a resistant coating of surfaces in passenger aircraft with a recommendation of TiTANO-Air® for aviation.

Worldwide flights, people from the most diverse regions of the world, pose a high risk of infection in aircrafts. Even intensive cleaning of the aircraft at enormous financial expense does not provide optimum safety.

HECOSOL-TITANO-AIR® coated aircrafts have been intensively tested by Lufthansa Technik with regard to application safety and antimicrobial reliability with positive results.


Despite extensive hygiene measures, cruise ships with thousands of passengers harbour a potential risk of infection among the guests - sometimes with serious side effects.

In the recent past, this has become more than clear: The rapid spread of pathogens is the reason for endemics and pandemics. Once on board, the spread is very difficult to stop. The consequence is often comprehensive quarantine measures, which prove to be extremely unpleasant for both guests and organisers. In the worst case, entire populations fall ill with high morbidity and mortality.

HECOSOL-TITANO® is an innovative preventive measure in public hygiene and closes the gap in existing hygiene concepts. The coating of the surfaces provides preventive protection against infections via surfaces. At the same time, costs are reduced and the environment is protected.

Safe hospitality - innovations to protect your hotel guests from pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and mould.

The long-lasting hygiene coating with HECOSOL-TiTANO® provides durable and effective protection against pathogens in all areas of the hotel. The coating is invisible, odourless and haptically neutral. Hecosol-TiTANO® can be applied to all types of surfaces, is gentle on surfaces and works independently of light and climate.

The coating is effective against viruses and bacteria and prevents the formation of mould in air-conditioning systems, wet rooms and damp rooms in general. In this way, you not only protect the health of your hotel guests and staff, but also reduce your costs.

Travel safely with the protection of HECOSOL-TiTANO®. Every day, many people touch the same handles and surfaces in public transport.

The risk from pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and mould also poses a major challenge for the health protection of the passengers.

By coating surfaces with HECOSOL-TiTANO®, pathogens on highly frequented surfaces and at junctions are sustainably and significantly reduced.

This innovation, already used worldwide and in demand internationally, has been scientifically tested and certified. The antimicrobial effect of the coating lasts up to one year and longer and also effectively reduces costs.